Femoral Hemostasis

Mobile Compression

The ExpressAR™ System is an innovative mobile compression device used to help achieve femoral hemostasis. A similar use model to the FemoStop®, ExpressAR allows the clinician to regulate pressure with the simple turn of the dial. Please contact us today so we can help save your facility money!

The ExpressAR System is comprised of a durable ExpressAR frame and a disposable Belt Kit assembly. The Belt Kit includes a non-sterile belt and a sterile, disposable Disc. The Disc easily attaches to the end of the ExpressAR shaft for the purpose of achieving femoral hemostasis.


Features and Benefits:

  • Significantly less expensive than FemoStop
  • Hands-free hemostasis, thereby increasing clinician productivity
  • Easy to use
  • Less waste than FemoStop
  • Patented V-Notch Disc design for enhanced visibility and puncture site access
  • Allows for consistent compression over the access site
  • Decreases blood contact